About Us

Who Are We ?


AHECO is an Non-Profit Organization, which is registered with the SA Department of Social Development – NPO Directorate.

It was established in 2015 as an outlet for sharing the side of heritage, culture nd indigenous knowledge not found on mainstream platforms. We pride ourselves with being a partner toward the collective, qualitative and sustainable development of Africa, and its citizens, history, knowledge base and progress.

Our mission is to profile, promote and advocate for the recognition, participation and equitable treatment of indigenous citizens – including all the wonders of our biosphere.

Values :


AHeCo radio is a media division of African Heritage Collective, whose sole aim is to be the voice and launch pad – from which indigenous knowledge keepers, traditional leadership, indigenous healers, heritage managers, creative & cultural practitioners and nature conservationists find commonality and a united front aimed at catapulting Africa as a global power


Dr. Nondela Mzimba

Dr. Lindokuhle Dlamini is a Eswatini born traditional healing practitioner with vast experience in indigenous knowledge and Agriculture. He is a respected cultural activist, nature conservationist and social justice advocate. As the founding chair of AHeCo, his vision was to establish an outlet where people of hia inclination could find a voice, home and renewed zeal to assert themselves as proud Africans

Mr. Toki Mohoto

Toki Mohoto is a trained business scientist with vast experience in organizational design, published author, media personality and reliable community organizer with networks spanning across 3 continents. His passion for societal advancement has seen him occupy various board seating’s and is keen on promoting the values, aspirations and systems aligned with Africa’s development

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